> What the...!!! Wow! That should really enable a UI face lift and adaption 
> to the mobile screen age!
> now a tiddlywiki core plugin
> Unclear what you mean with this. For one thing, the core is a plugin and 
> it is the only plugin that default/empty TW comes installed with. I'm 
> guessing the hammer library will not come with 'empty' by deafult?

Sorry, I'll edit this. I mean it's in the tiddlywiki plugin library 

> Will hammer enable freely scattered tiddlers like in Cecily TW? (I fail to 
> find a link to Cecily)

Yes I already tried that. The pan widget is a multi-talent and I recommend 
using that. It will need some CSS and formula calculations, but it's doable 

> Thank you BurningTreeC. May you never burn out.
> <:-)

Thanks Mat, trying to keep the fire burning  

> p.s I can't help but feel this somehow should be applicable for my TidBitz 
> experiments. BTW, I've continued to dabble around but fail to get anywhere 
> meaningful.
> Yeah, I was thinking if the pan widget maybe can be used as a drag&drop 
thing, maybe someone comes up with a neat solution
For your TidBitz I'll make a demo for my last solution I sent you when I 
find the time


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