> Hi Simon,
> very good that this seems to be possible...But I would like to see the 
> sidebar being dragged before snapping back or snapping away when lifting 
> the finger. 
> The whole thing ist not vitally necessary of course but it feels better in 
> the user experience...
> Regarding the div to drag/pan in the menu when it is turned off... I 
> thought about that, the problem is that it is either so small that you risk 
> accidentally triggering the jump-back-in-history-mechanism which is 
> implemented in most of the mobile browsers...or it is takink to much space.
> I would like to use the entire story-river to drag in the menu on a mobile 
> screen. On bigger screens I would take the left margin of the tiddler - as 
> you did for the slidebar
> Herzliche Grüße
> Jan
> Hi Jan , 

The problem here is not if it's possible or not, but that it's possible to 
do in so many different ways 
It's a combination of two/three plugins and some css calculations all 
working together 

The first thing one should understand here is, that the pan widget gives 
you the coordinates in pixels in the state tiddler (center-x field)
By transcluding that field in a stylesheet you can pan on an element and 
set the position of that element or another element to that new position

for example:

.tc-tiddler-frame {
    position: absolute;
    left: {{$:/state/pan!!center-x}}px;

now if you add the <$pan $targets="tc-tiddler-frame"> in the 
$:/core/ui/ViewTemplate before the <div class=<<frame-classes>>> then you 
should be able to move tiddlers left/right
If not, then it needs only some css adjustments 

What I want to say is, that it's important to first understand how these 
parts work together,
then it's an easy thing to realize your ideas


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