So I've been learning Powershell and it's pretty, well, powerful and, since 
August, open-source and cross platform. And it's not only for server 
operators. But enough asides...

Powershell is command-line-based and I like making a GUI on top of useful 
command-lines (as I have done with AWK and WGET) because I am forgetful 
about syntax and a UI, with built-in reference, which builds and runs 
commands from a few clicks is just better than typing (and mistyping) a lot.

My preference for the presentation would be HTML and my preference for the 
logic would be JavaScript. However, I need access directly to the operating 
system (no browser sandbox).

I could use NW.js but then I'd have to build my own UI. My thinking is: 
could/should I use TW5 Desktop? Can TW be leveraged as an application 
platform which is not necessarily a wiki (i.e. info platform).

I think TiddlyWiki would be a great platform for a rich/hypertext version 
of the Powershell Help System/Reference. But I want to add on top of that 
and have, in addition to the cmdlet reference, a kind of builder UI. So I 
can search or navigate to a cmdlet, read it's syntax, see some examples AND 
run those examples AND build my own execution of that cmdlet.

Ideally the UI will allow a preview of the output objects of cmdlets (using 
the `ConvertTo-JSON` cmdlet) as tables or trees and piping these outputs to 
other cmdlets. Even more betterer would be a kind of flowchart drag and 
drop like snaplogic but that's a way down the line.

So, in addition to the questions above, can plugins within TW Desktop work 
like standard node modules and require modules like `node-powershell` and 
just execute OS commands?

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