Just out of curiosity: On this 
<http://tiddlywiki.com/static/PluginMechanism.html> page about TiddlyWiki 
plugins I read the following:

Plugins that define macros, views or other named entities are expected to 
> prefix the name with their publisher identifier, for example: 
>  tiddlytools.slider.

However, I have yet to see a plugin follow this guideline. Is this still 

Just to check whether I even understand this correctly: Let's say I develop 
a plugin $:/plugins/juliankniephoff/frobnicator which exposes a widget 
$frobnicate, a macro frob and a filter operator frobnicated, should these 
be called $juliankniephoff.frobnicate, juliankniephoff.frob and 
juliankniephoff.frobnicated respectively?
So would I really have to write something like this?:

<$juliankniephoff.frobnicate filter="[juliankniephoff.frobnicated[]] value=<
<juliankniephoff.frob>> />

(Of course none of this means anything. I'm just curious about the 

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