I just created a pull request (#3116) which will fix the issue.

Please use at your own discretion…

with my example above the output will be:

test <https://tiddlywiki.com/#test>
New Tiddler <https://tiddlywiki.com/#New%20Tiddler>
test <https://tiddlywiki.com/#test>
New Tiddler <https://tiddlywiki.com/#New%20Tiddler>
New Tiddler <https://tiddlywiki.com/#New%20Tiddler>

So if each[] is used, the "title" field is not accessed and thus 
non-existing tiddlers can be used. With each[title], the title field has to 

I did this by not letting the parameter default to "title". Additionally 
the condition "if (tiddler)", which discards every non-existing tiddler, is 
changed to "if (tiddler || field === "")".

I hope this won't break anything in the core.

As I said: My understanding is that non-existing tiddlers have an 
"inherited" title-field. It seems this understanding isn't shared by 

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