On 01/12/2010 12:56 PM, DRC wrote:
> Antoine Martin wrote:
>>> How is this related?  The bug my E-Mail was referring to was in the OS X
>>> linker, and the patch that worked around it in the TigerVNC build has
>>> been checked in to trunk for quite some time.
>> Was this before or after 1.0 was released?
>> I was building from the tigervnc-1.0.0.tar and I still get this
>> alignment issue:
>> ld: in ./.libs/libjpeg.a(jiss2int.o), malformed .o file, symbol
>> _jconst_idct_islow_sse2 with address 0x969 is not with section 2
>> (__DATA,__const) address range of 0x970 to 0xA20
> After.  I thought that the issue only affected 64-bit builds, but now I
> see that it affects 32-bit builds as well, if NASM 2.07 is used.  Thus,
> I created the attached patch which should be applied against the 1.0
> branch to allow it to be built with NASM 2.07 or later on Mac.  This is
> a subset of r3910.
> It is also necessary to apply r3903 (the fls() rename patch) from trunk
> to get the 1.0 branch to build on OS/X 10.5 or later.
Works for me. Thank you very much!

>>>    I have not seen the
>>> problem with fls() that you describe above.  Under what circumstances do
>>> you see that?
>> Just a normal build (as above): cd tigervnc-1.0.0/unix&&  ./configure&&
>> make
>> Not sure how to build from svn as there is no "./configure" script in
>> there and automake barfs at me with all sorts of errors on osx.
>> How do you create a full release tigervnc-X.X.X.tar from an svn tree?
> In the 1.0 branch, you do
> cd unix
> autoreconf -fiv
> configure {configure arguments}
> make
> in trunk, you leave out the 'cd unix' part.  The trunk also has
> convenience scripts under release/ that you can use.
Hah, yes... I was looking for release scripts, and didn't think of 
looking in 'release'...
Will now look for a rock to crawl under ;)



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