On Jul 24, 2011, at 11:18 AM, paul swed wrote:

> Took a look at your setup and bench. So the support for the 5370 in a HP
> vector network analyzer. Now thats some support. :-) I might tend to have
> the two flipped in the stack.
> So you are suggesting the potential to make this operational to a wider
> audience. Any thoughts on a timeline? I personally have no problems
> soldering in 40-60 wires from a daughter board as an example.

4396A NSA: I should have been more clear about that. I only use that box as a 
programmable HPIB master for testing. Nothing more. I really need to get a PCI 
or USB GPIB interface like everyone else. Anyone running John's GPIB Toolkit 
under Wine on Ubuntu? </insert Windows rant>

Rather than trying to replicate my painful development setup we really just 
need to get a proper board made. That Atmel eval kit alone is $200. The board 
needs a boot loader that lets you re-flash over the network (instead of 
spending money on a JTAG dongle or using the awful Atmel USB flasher). Has 
anyone used KiCAD for pcb layout? Also, I don't know anything about USB, so I 
could use some help. Atmel has an existing stack for the micro. Big advantages 
over using Ethernet if you don't already have a network setup.

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