Dear american colleagues,

as I read last few posts about WWVB, I am very tempted to return to LF time signal fun. As I wrote you, there vere very good results using cheap 2 IC circuitry and a PC with our local DCF77 signal.

Under influence of this maillist, I am thinking about recreating of the receiver using recent MCU, ferrite rod on one side, optional 10MHz input, USB device acting as a standard USB audio class soundcard output. Everything working with GNUradio, MATLAB, HAM waterfalls etc. out of the box.

Could be used as an audio frequency front-end for HAM radio, too.

Would you be interested in such a kit? It should be <$100 all inclusive, if there will be more people involved (let say 5-10) to cover PCBs.

Best regards,

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