Man in a van wrote: 
> Start here and read for a few pages,
> I think Michael has made an alteration to the procedure, in that one
> only has to enter the Client ID into the box provides in the Settings
> page.
> Ronnie

I think you misunderstand. My issue is not with the number of items
displayed, but rather with the fact that the Spotify hierarchical folder
structure is not supported. I have multiple levels of folders, folders
containing folders. Only at the bottom level do the folders contain
actual playlists. At any time there are never more than 100 items to
display, most often less than 25. Most of the playlists are albums, 10
to 15 tracks, so not a problem there either. My biggest playlist is a
multi-album Beethoven Piano Sonatas set with just over 100 tracks.

The Spotify desktop app supports folders. The Spotify Android app
supports folders. The Triode Spotify plugin supported folders. The
Spotify web player DOES NOT support folders, and most Spotify
implementations on other platforms do not either, because they use the
same interface as the Web Player. The interface used by the Triode
plugin is the one that has been discontinued. Michael had to build
Spotty to use the new interface, which evidently does not support

The problem for me is all my playlists are now displayed in one big
disorganized list. Even if I could up the limit of playlists to show
them all, it is impossible to find anything, especially when I con see
only a few at a time on the small Touch screen.

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