markbrauer wrote: 
> drmatt
> Thanks Matt. You gave me an idea. I brought up the Select Digital Output
> screen with the USB cable disconnected. The option to use the USB output
> does not appear. Then I reconnected the cable and the option reappears.
> This indicates to me that the Touch "sees" the DAC, so there is some
> communication happening. The Question is, does the DAC see the Touch?
> (....)
> If the problem really is the 5 volt circuit, Ronnie's suggestion of the
> "Y" USB setup looks promising. But it does require adding another power
> source to the mix, something I'd like to avoid in the long term.
> I have been using the coax and Toslink outputs. And the 7.7.5 server is
> stable, so I am not musicless. But the USB does sound better and I miss
> it.

USB is a complex protocol, so if the touch "sees" the DAC, then the DAC
*definitely* "sees" the touch. The question then most likely is about
whether the touch sends the DAC a data format that it understands and
can play. EDO can send up to 192k/24b data.

Ignore the 5V thing, it's nothing to do with that. If USB works at all
then there's 5V on the wire.

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