drmatt wrote: 
> You could prove this with a voltmeter or even just a hub.. (powered or
> otherwise). If a hub works at all, there's power on the bus.
> The trick is to remember the sequence of things you tried that resulted
> in the thing you did that fixed it... (The devil is in the
> *metadata*..)
> Can't you just switch to the optical or coax out in the meantime?
> -Transcoded from Matt's brain by Tapatalk-


Thanks Matt. You gave me an idea. I brought up the Select Digital Output
screen with the USB cable disconnected. The option to use the USB output
does not appear. Then I reconnected the cable and the option reappears.
This indicates to me that the Touch "sees" the DAC, so there is some
communication happening. The Question is, does the DAC see the Touch?

No tricks here. Even at the time of the "magic" fix my mind was so fried
that I couldn't put my finger on what exactly had worked. Over a year
later, no chance of coming up with it.

The voltmeter is a good idea. Mine quit a while back, but this is a good
excuse to by another.

If the problem really is the 5 volt circuit, Ronnie's suggestion of the
"Y" USB setup looks promising. But it does require adding another power
source to the mix, something I'd like to avoid in the long term.

I have been using the coax and Toslink outputs. And the 7.7.5 server is
stable, so I am not musicless. But the USB does sound better and I miss

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