>  I searched for "Spotty Client ID" as you suggested. I found nothing 
> pertinent to the playlist folder structure. Are you saying that Spotty 
> does support multi-level folders? If so, could you be more specific.

Start here and read for a few pages,


I think Michael has made an alteration to the procedure, in that one
only has to enter the Client ID into the box provides in the Settings

> So, I still think that somewhere in the process of firmware and EDO 
> installs, uninstalls, and reinstalls, the "bit" that controls the 5 volt
> power on was switched to "off". If this is the case, a powered hub 
> would likely "fix" the problem.

I don't know if this would work or is even possible, so you decide. 

SSH into the Touch and on the command line type


and see what the output is.

You could try this without the Burson and with the Burson (connected and
powered on).


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