I thought I had more memory than I do, must've misread. My machine is an old HP. I put the full Trisquel on it and got a GNOME shell to help with accessibility issues, but awhile after, the machine did something strange- started scrambling the stuff on the screen, usually when I was multitasking. Someone helping told me how to check my memory and said I can't use this version, so I got Trisquel Mini, now I have to delete Trisquel. I want to do this safely, so I need advice on exactly WHAT to delete. So it's back to using the old low tech physical magnifier again for when I can't raise the font on a webpage without having other text get in the way. Before I knew about the GNOME shell, I had a magnifier program but I didn't like it.

When I got Trisquel Mini, I got it using Terminal, with guidance from someone who knows a lot more than me. Till things settle down with IRC I won't risk going back there. The Trisquel room there was wonderful. One or two of the people there is on this forum.

There's a few issues with Trisquel Mini that I can't resolve but first I need to fix the mess on my machine. If possible I want to get a backup of the program, if I could find it.

Thank you for the time and help you give here.

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