hi, thank you for replying. I left microsoft years ago, though I also have a Mac that someday I'd love to put the full Trisquel version on. For now it's on a VM there.

I saw the packages in Synaptic, read a few of the properties to be sure what was involved. Some have a description that implies it's the actual full program. My files are backed up, so I'm ready to do it. I don't understand much techno but I manage ok with help. I forgot how much memory I have but it's about 2 GB I think. What is fluxbox? Before doing anything I have to delete what I have, except Trisquel Mini, because I have no backup program or startup disk. Whatever I nstalled also has something called openbox, and something else, starts with an L. My poor machine is a netbook I hardly used, it had microsoft on it, I got help converting it almost a year ago, using my Mac to correspond with someone who guided me on a messenger program, also helped me set up the VM there to test Trisquel to see how I'd like it.

There's no need to PM, though I really appreciate the offer, maybe this will help someone else, too.

Thanks again.

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