I believe that Synaptic would be the safest option if you don't want to reinstall.

However, it would be much easier to reinstall if you could back up your data.

I had Trisquel running very nicely on a netbook with 500MB of RAM and a two gig hard drive. It was unconventional, but not difficult:

Boot to the netinstall image. Install the base system. Do NOT install the Trisquel desktop, Triskel desktop, or Trisquel-mini desktop.

Instead, sudo apt-get install xorg fluxbox jwm

I'm a bit rusty with writing tutorials, but I am just another ordinary user without and IT degree and I would love to work on my communication skills. It is a PLEASURE to help someone who is genuinely interested and motivated and not just blindly swallowing Micro$oft and/or Apple(tm) propaganda.

Feel free to PM me if that is more comfortable for you. I opened my Trisquel account with a gmail address when I didn't know any better, but the PMs go directly to the openmailbox address I use now.

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