You can just backup all your files in your home folder (but the files in the trash bin). In the default Trisquel install, the "Backup" tool in the "System Settings" does that. Its defaults are good: compressed incremental backup, automatic remotion of the oldest backups when you run short of space, etc. You can have it display a weekly notification to remind you do to backups. And it is extremely simple to use, at least with GNOME's file manager: right click and choose what version of a file or what deleted files to restore. For instance you can do that with the ".mozilla" folder (its name starting with a dot, it is an hidden folder) and restore a previous configuration of your Web browser.

Trisquel Mini does not have this backup tool by default. But you can install it, e.g., using the "Synaptic Package Manager". The package is named "deja-dup".

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