>I won't risk telling you anything I don't know. Software is >complicated matter, just like all Stallman's talks show us, >we must assume the worst case for a software, not the best.

As stated before, Freedombox can be installed on Debian and Debian is not a FSF endorsed distribution, although it is still comprised exclusively of free software without the non-free repositories enabled. I would argue if you are downloading the image from the freedombox website and follow the installation instructions you would never be faced with the choice of enabling the non-free repos anyway. Even if you were, Freedombox is not Debian, so we should examine whether Freedombox and it's dependencies are free, and all available evidence points to the fact that they are, including the following points below. Eben Moglen has worked with RMS for free software for most of his professional life, why would you distrust a foundation and project that he started that states repeatedly everyone on the site that it is free software? I feel you are taking your skepticism a bit too far. Where do we stop?

1) All releases excxept the one for rpi2 use Debian free: https://freedombox.org/download/stable/

2) From the front page:
"It runs free software"

3) From the FAQ:
"It is a free software stack"

4) From the "About the Foundation" page:
"...a free software system"
"The software is a free and open source system"
"...preloaded with many useful apps and tools designed to protect your freedom, privacy, and user rights" "The FreedomBox Foundation is led by its President, Eben Moglen (Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and founder of the Software Freedom Law Center), Technical Lead and Member of the Board Bdale Garbee (former Debian Project Leader and President of Software in the Public Interest)"

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