Jay Belanger wrote:
The (intentional?) double meaning here would get out (I don't think
it'd be too much of an in-joke for long),

The _Intentional_ double meaning is that it means both File System Checker and Free Software Club in Kirksville... If you wish to construe a third meaning on to it, then it should move beyond the "double meaning". Even with this third meaning hacked on, two out of three would be meaningful and good...and as Meatloaf said, "Two out of three ain't bad."

> and given that geeks have a juvenile enough image as it is, I don't > think this would be helping matters.

Geeks have a juvenile image because they are, in fact, geeky. Embracing the not-well-known technical concepts (even including Linux) makes the geeks seem awkward and isolated. HEAVEN FORBID a bit of a sense of humor be shown...that'd be too normal. Geeks are geeks because they act geeky, not just because other people think they are.

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