iosif wrote (Thursday 02 September 2004 11:15 pm):
> 2.  for those who don't get the principle: Phi Sigma Pi, often
> abbreviated (in both writing and the spoken language) PSP,
> Pan-Hellenic Council is shortened to NPC, and the Public Broadcasting
> Service and National Broadcasting Company are of course PBS and NBC. 
> no vowels.  they're fine. where did this fixation on vowels spring
> up?

For those who miss the point, by spelling it out, vowels are INTRODUCED. 
pEE ess pEE. en pEE cEE. pEE bEE ess. en bEE cEE. Now do you see? 
Additionally, this fixation on vowels comes from being an English 
speaker. Nt hvng thm mks thngs bt hrd t ndrstnd, ys?

> 3.  those who don't know what the FSCK means will in about 10
> seconds, after which they will have *learned something*.

The fallacy here revolves around the people who will never see an 
explanation. Unless you want to put something like this on every thing 
that bears FSCK: "* File System Checker, a well known UNIX/UNIX like 
Operating System tool." A bit awkward, yes?

> 4.  sorry if FSCK is somehow a detriment to anyone's "image".

*shrug* To each, his own. As I clearly said, that was just my personal 
feeling on a name that quickly calls profanity to mind.

> 5.  this resume nonsense has got to stop.  Free Software Club in
> Kirksville, even abbreviated (which should never ever happen on a
> resume anyway) FSCK, is not some sine qua non for failing to get a
> job, even in a magical contingency world of horrors.

I didn't say "OMGWTF You won't get a job if we make the name FSCK!!!11" 
Just trying to draw a fairly realistic scenario in which the name could 
be seen as a detriment.

> 6.  FSA is already taken: Federal Student Aid, Farm Security/Service
> Administration/Agency, Finite State Automaton...KAFS is better but
> without the media-genic charm and all the aesthetics of a soviet
> worker housing block.  KLUG has something going for it, but still
> leaves the whole linux/gnu issue in place.  FSCK is the most
> beautiful in solving all these problems.

You forgot Fabless Semiconductor Association. And Full Speed Ahead. And 
The Financial Services Authority. And Food Standards Agency. But, I'm 
really failing to see what FSA has to do with this. I'm not saying 
"NOOOO Don't pick FSCK! Then the option that I nominated can't win! OH 
NOEZ!" I'm just saying that there are some serious concerns about the 
name that need to be addressed. However, I'll still take the opertunity 
to say, "So what?" to your FSA points. It's not like we have anything 
to do with agriculture or student aid. Or fabless semiconductors. Et 
I have to confess I don't really see anything communist or soviet about 
KAFS, but, *shrugs.*
I'll give you, FSCK is a good name, in a lot of regards. Its catchy, it 
means something, and all the other things that have been pointed out. 
But at the same time, it introduces a lot of potential problems.

Sorry if I'm coming off a bit abbrasively. It's late, I'm tired. And I'm 
trying hard to not react to what seems to me, at least, to be a fairly 
confrontational tone...

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