Peter Snoblin wrote:
The fallacy here revolves around the people who will never see an explanation. Unless you want to put something like this on every thing that bears FSCK: "* File System Checker, a well known UNIX/UNIX like Operating System tool." A bit awkward, yes?

IMHO, TSLUG posters have always had this problem. So many would see them and have no clue what "Linux" meant or any of the distro names that were on the poster, so it's the same problem...yet TSLUG posters didn't have a "Linux is an alternative operating system...blah blah blah..."

Sorry if I'm coming off a bit abbrasively. It's late, I'm tired. And I'm trying hard to not react to what seems to me, at least, to be a fairly confrontational tone...

Tired at's prime-time for the TSLUG list!

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