Mike Goodspeed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Second, FSCK is a gigantic "in-joke".

I don't see this as any sort of a problem, as long as it stands up
well to someone not in on the joke.

> Third, despite the possible head turns at sidewalk chalk time, let's
> call a spade a spade -- people are going to read this as fuck.  Is that
> something you want yourself associated with at an academic level?  Dr.
> Beck?  Dr. Bindner?

Dr. Belanger?
No, I don't.
Even though it can be argued that it would then be misread, using this
as a replacement for the dreaded f-word is a standard thing to do, and
it has already been pointed out that this would be a way to thumb our
noses at the university.  The double meaning here, I think, is
intentional, and as someone else pointed out, is juvenile.
The (intentional?) double meaning here would get out (I don't think
it'd be too much of an in-joke for long), and given that geeks have a
juvenile enough image as it is, I don't think this would be helping

My two cents.

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