1.  if people want they can say fsssk, but some people have already objected
to that.  FS-check takes no longer to pronounce than FSC or any other 3
letter combination.  granted, TSLUG was only 2 syllables.

2.  for those who don't get the principle: Phi Sigma Pi, often abbreviated
(in both writing and the spoken language) PSP, Pan-Hellenic Council is
shortened to NPC, and the Public Broadcasting Service and National
Broadcasting Company are of course PBS and NBC.  no vowels.  they're fine.
where did this fixation on vowels spring up?

3.  those who don't know what the FSCK means will in about 10 seconds, after
which they will have *learned something*.

4.  sorry if FSCK is somehow a detriment to anyone's "image".

5.  this resume nonsense has got to stop.  Free Software Club in Kirksville,
even abbreviated (which should never ever happen on a resume anyway) FSCK,
is not some sine qua non for failing to get a job, even in a magical
contingency world of horrors.

6.  FSA is already taken: Federal Student Aid, Farm Security/Service
Administration/Agency, Finite State Automaton...KAFS is better but without
the media-genic charm and all the aesthetics of a soviet worker housing
block.  KLUG has something going for it, but still leaves the whole
linux/gnu issue in place.  FSCK is the most beautiful in solving all these


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