There is no way to turn URL shortening off.

Two ways you could handle this though are:
1) Keep the URLs short enough that Twitter does not turn them into bitly
links. I don't think the exact size/composition is published so you would
have to experiment to see where that line is.
2) Shorten it yourself so you can control what comes after the /. It would
not be a direct link but you could parse it.


On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 06:42, infopete <> wrote:

> we're writing an application to do live gps tracking with Twitter.
> We'd like to be able to have a full url in a message which we could
> parse or use as a direct web link.
> GPS logging will be done on pocket pc based phones and we already have
> a test application available (Twittrack).
> We're extending the functionality of our silverlight application
> to be able to display live gps updates
> from Twitter.
> But......
> When we post to Twitter using the api our url is always shrunk to a
> url.
> How can we stop this?
> Regards
> Pete

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