this is a topic of interest to me for a long while.
been meaning to start a thread.

i'm often bothered by the automatic shortening of urls when in fact
the url does not need to be shortened.  in these cases, i of course do
not want to hide the real url by using a forced 3rd party service like
i have use cases where all that is posted is a url.  and the url
includes a long detailed description of the link.  this, in my
opinion, is smart as the only object to maintain is the url itself
which provides a hyperlink and a short message combined.  sometimes,
these use cases are using natural language vanity urls to form short


the other annoying thing that is related to the twitter UI is how long
urls are cut-off//trimmed even if they dont need to be.  the above
example would be destroyed because it would result in something

actually, i'm not certain if that is still the case as it seems to me
that every url is shortened with now.  i grok the value in
tracking urls and may be bought by twitter at some point and
this notion of url tracking will be fully integrated.... but the
debate about url shortners in general.... how they can break the
natural web, are vulnerable to massive broken links and simply thr
cryptic format itself that hides the true location.... are all to be
considered and continued to be debated.

at the very least, 3rd party developers should get an override
that is something i think we all need to start demanding.

and yes, an official doc explaining the current and future
impementations of url shortening on twitter is definitely needed now.


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> "However, if you paste in a link that is less than 30 characters,
> we'll post it in its entirety.  If it's longer than 30 characters,
> we'll convert it to a shorter URL."
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