Why is it important that staff members from all departments need to be
at the office during issues like these?

If not for anything else, it is important for internal communication
and coordination, and for efficient management of the issue.

Take the spate of META REFRESH issues that have come up as an example.

Someone, probably in the Operations team, decided it would be a good
idea to also do META refreshes or redirects, to flush out the bots
that cannot handle those requests.

Except, they did not understand how it was going to impact the rest of
the Twitter environment, specifically third-party app scripts that
also cannot handle those requests. In their minds, it was probably a
good idea because they only thought about normal browser behavior.

If you have someone in senior management in the office to manage and
coordinate, and key people from all departments, you can have status
and coordination meetings throughout the day, and night for that
matter, where people can ask, "This is what we want to do, how will it
impact you guys?"


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