Hmmm! We seem to have conflicting evidence here!

I just (again) verified that is getting 20k requests per
hour per user.

How long ago was it that Alex and other API team members made the
recommendation that you mentioned? Is it possible that twitter changed
policy since then?

Either way, I agree that we now need a very clear affirmation from
twitter as to the policy.

I sure hope I don't have to eat my words! :-)


On Aug 10, 9:08 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> On Aug 10, 11:02 pm, "jim.renkel" <> wrote:
> > My logic is now: "Ifratelimiting is not peruser, then all users of
> > anIPaddress will share one pool of20krequests per hour. If a site
> > has a 1,000 users at one time, then eachuserwill get an average of
> > 20 requests per hour. This is clearly not enough to do much useful.
> Jim,
> That is why Alex and other API team members have recommended in the
> past that you get and use additional white-listedIPaddresses, when
> 20,000 requests per hour perIPaddress is not sufficient to service
> youruserbase.
> At TweetLater I employ several white-listedIPaddresses to cover the
> needs of my users.
> Dewald

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