Lots of folks don't understand trademark law.
Other folks are mad because they've been asked to stop selling spam-o-

I can't fault Twitter for their behavior in this matter.

On Aug 14, 11:42 am, David Fisher <tib...@gmail.com> wrote:
> How are some of you failing to see the difference between "Powered by
> Twitter" being something they want you to do and "http://
> TwitterApplication.com" is something they don't want you to do?
> Why don't they want the latter? Because someone with the email of
> "adultsexdatin...@googlemail.com" registered the domain. Not exactly
> the type of company that Twitter wants to associate itself with. Yet,
> for applications and sites that DO comply with the ToS, they want an
> attribution and link back to their site. Aren't some of you self
> proclaimed SEO/Marketing experts? Everyone wants links back to their
> site, including Twitter.
> Making a logo downloadable doesn't mean either that they want you to
> use it, or their font on your website when doing your own branding.
> Some people here are confused
> dave

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