Nice little footnote to the story, got this email from Jillian at
Twitter which has made me feel all warm and fuzzy:

Hey Stuart,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for reaching out.  Our
Platform team should be communicating our goals (in relation to C&Ds,
and why they're sent) to the Developer community soon, but I just
wanted to thank you for making those changes to your site and let you
know that our intentions were never to be pushy.  Things sometimes get
lost in translation, and while we wanted to make sure your site was
understood as a third party app and not a subset of Twitter, we do
understand that your application is great and thank you for your

Kindest Regards
Jillian (I deal with our TM protection here)

On Aug 14, 6:14 pm, Duane Roelands <> wrote:
> Lots of folks don't understand trademark law.
> Other folks are mad because they've been asked to stop selling spam-o-
> trons.
> I can't fault Twitter for their behavior in this matter.
> On Aug 14, 11:42 am, David Fisher <> wrote:
> > How are some of you failing to see the difference between "Powered by
> > Twitter" being something they want you to do and "http://
> >" is something they don't want you to do?
> > Why don't they want the latter? Because someone with the email of
> > "" registered the domain. Not exactly
> > the type of company that Twitter wants to associate itself with. Yet,
> > for applications and sites that DO comply with the ToS, they want an
> > attribution and link back to their site. Aren't some of you self
> > proclaimed SEO/Marketing experts? Everyone wants links back to their
> > site, including Twitter.
> > Making a logo downloadable doesn't mean either that they want you to
> > use it, or their font on your website when doing your own branding.
> > Some people here are confused
> > dave

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