I'm not sure the API can do it, someone here can better answer that.

I'm not sure the ethics and terms of this, someone here can better answer that.

In a roundabout way you can do this. Create a gmail account. Import your list into gmails address book. Login to your Twitter account and tell the account settings to use your gmail account to locate Twitter users based on your gmail address book.

With a large list like this, you may have to break it up into batches. You may also be plauged with manually adding them once you see the matches on screen. I can not remember if there is an "add all" feature.

Do a small test of 100 adresses.

From there, it is basic API calls against your Twitter account to do as you see fit within the terms of the Twitter API and service.

I do not think it is possible to query email address data in Twitter other than by the above method with gmail, and a few other providers. Email addresses are private, as they should be.
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Dear Developers,
I have a list of 400,000 e-mail addresses of my clients. I want to
know "Is it possible to develop a script to check if they have a
twitter account or not?". I will then want to generate 2 separate
lists based upon the result; one for the twitter users and one for the
non-twitter users. I want to only invite the users and create a custom
invitation message. Is it possible to check if the e-mail address's
owner is a twitter user or not? provide details please.
Thanks and Regards,

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