My only statements regarding ethics or morality is that with a list of 400K people, there will be many ways in which those 400K people interpret what you are doing.

So you were able to do 1700 emails so far, can you figure out what the limit is? At that point, I would probably use a carefully made screen playback tool to help automate what you are doing. It is not pretty, but it will get you the result you are after.

On Aug 19, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Mahmoud Abdur-Rahman wrote:

This is already the approach I've followed and it worked. I created a contact (CSV) file and imported it into a gmail account. It was around 1700+e-mail addresses which correspond to one segment of the customers. I got the list and I copied them and started to omit the information I don't need. But when I tried to work with the second group in order it didn't work as there're 30,000+ e-mail addresses. I tried to split them into 2 groups, it didn't work. Simply the gmail and Yahoo! are not able to import them due to the large number. I didn't get your concern about the ethics and privacy. I didn't crawl those e-mails or buy them. They're our customers and we want to invite them to our page. They gave us their e-mail addresses so willingly and I guess we're not misusing them.

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