Thanks Nelu!

Not sure when, but the chances of Chicago are really good. The next
few trips are mid/late October, Mid November and early December.
Details will be kept up-to-date at

Also? We're working to get this thing out into the sunlight as quickly
as possible to that folks can casually browse without signups, etc.
Just as you point out, that's important.

Thanks all for the feedback and glad to be part of this list. I'll
pretty much keep my mouth shut here and leave it to oneforty's
developers say intelligent development related stuff, but I'm a
lurking fan of the work all you guys are doing.


Laura Fitton, Founder
oneforty inc.

On Sep 24, 3:55 pm, Nelu Lazar <> wrote:
> I have checked thedirectorypast days, and claimed my app. Congrats
> on a work very well done.
> A couple of suggestions:
> - the site doesn't currently allow new lines in the description field;
> this could be useful for listing features;
> - although it's understandable why thedirectoryrequires user's
> authentication, specific pages of the website may be more useful if
> public, to allow new users to familiarize with Twitter's capabilities
> and the apps around it.
> I live near Chicago, any chance you will add it to your tour?
> Nelu Lazar
> Founder Tweetvisor.com
> On Sep 24, 3:24 pm, Alex Payne <> wrote:
> > Just wanted to pass on a note from the team, who
> > recently launched with over 1300 Twitter applications in their
> >directory. Your app might already be on their site. If it's not yet,
> > you can register as a developer and add it. Once you register and
> > claim your app you can promote it with screenshots, descriptions,
> > tags, and reviews.
> > If you saw the early alpha version ofoneforty, it's much improved -
> > real home page, most popular apps ranking and essentials. New item
> > pages just launched and look much better than the prototype did.
> > Their team working on the ability to sell apps right on the site.
> > They're also definitely looking for your feedback. @freerobby,
> > @graysky, @macasek, and @pistachio are often in the #twitterapi IRC
> > channel. There's more contact info below, too.
> > A note from theonefortyteam and info on how to register, claim, edit
> > & add stuff:
> > """
> > We builtonefortyto help the best stuff being built on the Twitter
> > API get found and get profitable.
> > Come claim your apps, add content and add new projects in the "Twitter
> > appstore"
> > To get started:
> > Sign in via oauth. (We whitelisted as many dev usernames as we could
> > find. If you can't login already use invite code TWAPI and we'll let
> > you right in.)
> > Register as a developer:
> > Search for and claim your app   ("Suggest Item" if we don't have it yet!)
> > Check out your item's page, make sure it's tagged well, tweet a link to it, 
> > etc
> > Once approved, add details, screenshots, media coverage and more
> > In the near future you'll be able to offer things for sale right in
> >oneforty. For now we link to your sites and (optionally) let you
> > collect donations.
> > We want to help you get your app found, rated, reviewed and into the
> > hands of the users who need it the most. We also want to get the
> > Twitter community to do a better job supporting developers and apps so
> > that your innovation can flourish. It's frustrating when great apps go
> > defunct because of server costs, etc.
> > We're anticipating decent blog and press coverage, so we want your to
> > look its best! Please let us know whatever we can do to help you.
> > Thank you.
> > We'd really love to know what you think and what you want: Uservice
> > feedback forum. Any questions at all, or
> > 617-645-7767, anytime.
> >onefortyFounder Laura (@Pistachio) Fitton will be at events in Fort
> > Worth 9/25, Seattle 9/26-27, SF/bay area 9/27-30 and Boston 10/1 and
> > would love to meet you (see & event
> > info). She also wrote Twitter for Dummies.
> > """
> > Check 'em out!
> > --
> > Alex Payne - Platform Lead, Twitter, Inc.

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