+1. Agree.

It is my product that is purchased. No more should OneForty own the
customer relationship than an affiliate of mine should own the
relationship for having referred a sale to me.

The other thing that really bugs is me the payment of the 70% in the
form of a gift or donation. I cannot show that in the Sales Revenue of
my business. If the amount becomes substantial, how do I explain to
the tax man why my for-profit incorporated company is getting all
these gifts and donations? And how do I do the accounting for my
product units that were sold, but did not generate any top-line

The idea behind OneForty is novel, but I think they face an uphill
battle, because they do not have the monopoly on app distribution that
the Apple App Store has. Hence, it will not work to try and apply the
same business rules as the Apple App Store.


On Sep 28, 11:10 am, Waldron Faulkner <waldronfaulk...@gmail.com>
> But the killer for me is the support-only clause. If I can't own the
> relationship, that makes it a total no-go.

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