Hi folks,

Really sorry this reply didn't get out sooner; I was on a plane last
night when Dewald raised these issues.

I regret any concern or alarm caused by our developer contract. We're
now reviewing a number of the issues that Dewald brought up because
frankly, we don't like them either. The off-site revenue share clause
was an outright error that has already been removed from the contract
effective today.

I'm sorry for the confusion this caused and we will be making further
revisions to the contract and clarifying its terms promptly.

Please be assured that listings on oneforty.com will always be free --
and free of obligations to the developer. We will never demand a cut
in exchange for being listed because we would fail the Twitter
Community if our lists of applications left any out.

Having a good relationship with the developer community is very
important to us. This kind of issue is precisely why we're in private
beta -- to work out the kinks and to find out what developers want and
need. I'm available at la...@oneforty.com to discuss any concerns or
further feedback at any time.


Laura Fitton, Founder
oneforty inc.

On Sep 24, 8:25 pm, Dewald Pretorius <dpr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Please read the Publishers Contract that you agree to when you
> register as a publisher and make yourapplicationavailable for sale
> throughOneForty.
> Here's a bird's eye view of some things you need to determine whether
> you like them or not:
> 1)OneFortytakes 30% of nett revenue on the sales of your product as
> royalties.
> 2) They pay your money (the 70%) within 2 months after the calendar
> month in which the sale occurred, and only when the amount owed
> exceeds $250.00.
> 3) You receive your money as a gift or donation fromOneForty(that
> may or may not have tax implications).
> 4) You can only contact customers for support, meaning you are not
> allowed to contact them for any marketing or upsells. Violations can
> cause agreement termination, or financial penalties.
> 5) You must price your item no higher than the lowest price available
> to other distributors.
> 6) If customers purchase your item directly from your web site and
> they came via a link fromOneForty, you must payOneForty30% of that
> sale.
> 7) For the first 12 months, you can cancel the agreement with 30 days
> notice only ifOneFortyhas breached the agreement.
> 8) After the first 12 months, you can cancel the agreement at will
> with 60 days notice.

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