Ha ha - better go remove www.MyPostButler.com from that site - how
exactly are they going to track sales from click through links?







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Please read the Publishers Contract that you agree to when you
register as a publisher and make your application available for sale
through OneForty.

Here's a bird's eye view of some things you need to determine whether
you like them or not:

1) OneForty takes 30% of nett revenue on the sales of your product as

2) They pay your money (the 70%) within 2 months after the calendar
month in which the sale occurred, and only when the amount owed
exceeds $250.00.

3) You receive your money as a gift or donation from OneForty (that
may or may not have tax implications).

4) You can only contact customers for support, meaning you are not
allowed to contact them for any marketing or upsells. Violations can
cause agreement termination, or financial penalties.

5) You must price your item no higher than the lowest price available
to other distributors.

6) If customers purchase your item directly from your web site and
they came via a link from OneForty, you must pay OneForty 30% of that

7) For the first 12 months, you can cancel the agreement with 30 days
notice only if OneForty has breached the agreement.

8) After the first 12 months, you can cancel the agreement at will
with 60 days notice.

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