Hi folks,

This is Robby from oneforty. We wanted to take a moment to address the
issues that you all have raised surrounding our use of Twitter OAuth.

oneforty requests read/write access to your Twitter account. At
present, read access is used to examine the source tag of your tweets,
so that we can identify which applications you are using. This allows
us to automate filling in the "My Apps" section of your profile. If
your tweets are public, we can do it without read access, but only in
limited number because we need to authenticate in order to get past
the Twitter API limits. As for write access, we're hoping to add
features along the lines of "Tweet about this app" or "DM the app
developer." By requesting read/write access, we can provide a much
better user experience for handling these features than we could
otherwise, as the alternative would be a nonnative mechanism involving
popup windows or new browser tabs on twitter.com.

We will never, under any circumstances, post to your twitter account
without your consent. Any publishing to your tweet stream, sending of
DMs, etc. will be the result of an explicit action on your part. It
will never be done automatically. It will always be opt-in rather than

We are in the process of updating our site copy to reflect all of
this, but wanted to pass along our intentions to this group sooner
rather than later.

As always if you have any questions or concerns we are always
available at develop...@oneforty.com.

(on behalf of @graysky, @macasek and myself)

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