Let me explain why I said that.

There are only two ways you can implement a "DM the developer"

a) Execute a follow API call to make the developer follow the DMer,
and then send the DM from the DMer's Twitter account. Presumably you
will then also execute a follow API call from DMer to developer, so
that the developer can reply to the DM. Bad idea, because the
developer loses control over his friends list.

b) Act as a DM proxy. The developer gets a DM from @oneforty saying,
"@user said: bla bla bla..." Developer replies to @oneforty and
@oneforty DMs the DMer with ""@developer said: yada yada..." Slightly
better than a), but it still makes a mockery of Twitter's rule that
only your friends can DM you.


On Sep 29, 8:14 pm, Dewald Pretorius <dpr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > "DM the app developer."
> Please don't add that as a feature. You are going to enable anybody to
> DM the developer, whether the developer follows that person or not.
> Dewald

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