On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 10:08:14AM -0800, Stuart Smith wrote:
> Hi Abraham, so I should keep a list of all of the tweets I send and
> check the id of each and every status I send to see if it matches a
> previously sent id? That's quite a lot of additional processing.

Not necessarily...  What I've been doing is just keeping a record of the
highest status ID my application has seen and checking whether the
returned ID is larger than that highest-seen ID or not.  Very quick,
simple, and effective.

> Is this what I have heard called 'recurring tweets'? If so, I read
> somewhere that they are going to be allowed to re-occur at some point
> soon - is this correct?

Related, but distinct.  What you've described is repeated tweets sent
manually for a game, probably in short bursts.  The "recurring tweets"
(mis-)feature offered by some sites is "automatically tweet this text
once every three hours for the next month".

Either way, though, it sounds pretty spammy to me (would your users'
friends really want to see their timelines clogged up with "N", "N",
"E", "S"...?) and I'm all for Twitter doing what they can to suppress
it.  It just would have been nice if rejected updates had been reported
as errors (which they are) from square one.

Dave Sherohman

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