Leveling the playing field is "elephant in the room" easy:

Immediately ignore the source parameter on all Basic Auth calls. Right
now. It's a 5-second coding job.

If Tweetie, TweetDeck, et al want their app name back in the tweets,
sure, they can have it by all means. As soon as they've converted
their apps over to OAuth.

On Feb 2, 9:14 am, Aral Balkan <aralbal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Raffi,
> maybe call me naive, but i for one, am not convinced the oauth experience
> > has to suck.
> > as mentioned before, i'm really open to having a discussion on how to make
> > the oauth UX better.  many people have already, and i encourage others to
> > just drop me a line if you have ideas...
> I think you're missing the issue here. It's not whether or not oAuth has to
> suck in the future for desktop/mobile apps. It's that oAuth sucks _today_
> for desktop/mobile apps. And _today_ matters because it's today that Twitter
> is penalizing new desktop and mobile apps that don't use oAuth by
> withholding the source parameter (and thus the best form of organic
> marketing possible for a Twitter app) from them.
> So, yes, please let's keep on working on making oAuth better but, here's the
> key thing: do not punish mobile and desktop developers today for not using
> the current half-baked and solution that oAuth represents for desktop and
> mobile apps.
> My app is not going to sell as well because I cannot get the source
> parameter because I will not use a technology that is not ready for prime
> time on my mobile app.
> This is not fair.
> Talking about oAuth, getting suggestions, etc., is great. In the meanwhile,
> please stop punishing new mobile/desktop apps and creating a terribly uneven
> playing field with existing apps that can continue to integrate different
> Twitter-related services seamlessly and take advantage of the organic
> marketing that the source parameter provides without using oAuth.
> Your call for an open discussion would be great under different
> circumstances, but, in the face of the current penalty that that my app has
> to live with, it just feels like a slap in the face.
> Aral

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