Really, on Twitter's side, the oAuth bits of the process are just a
couple of variations of why not just let each application
define templates for those forms (and just give details on what fields
are required to be there and what placeholders need to be present so
Twitter can replace the values in-line as needed when displaying the

This would let anyone/everyone design a look and feel that fit best
with their application (and therefore becomes less confusing for the
average end user too)..but doesn't actually change the oauth flow at

It ads a bit of processing and storage to Twitter's side of
things...but otherwise, I think it would appease most people ;-)

- Kevin

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 7:31 AM, Raffi Krikorian <> wrote:
>> Here's an idea: let's reverse engineer the top desktop and mobile Twitter
>> apps and use their oAuth keys to... Oh, wait, my bad: the top desktop/mobile
>> apps _don't_ use oAuth and boy will they take a UX beating when they start.
>> But one day... :)
> maybe call me naive, but i for one, am not convinced the oauth experience
> has to suck.
> as mentioned before, i'm really open to having a discussion on how to make
> the oauth UX better.  many people have already, and i encourage others to
> just drop me a line if you have ideas...
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> Raffi Krikorian
> Twitter Platform Team

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