hey guys.

i'm @raffi.

i was hired aboard the @twitterapi team in july of last year by @al3x
and @rsarver.  at the time, i was looking for a place that would
really give me the chance to work on really hard problems, work with
really smart people, and also allow me to really make an impact on
peoples' lives.  i think i'm lucky to have found that place.
@twitter, and especially this team and the people on it, are great.

in the last few months, i've pushed out the geotagging API, the local
trends APIs, and tons of other stuff and bug fixes.  i really enjoy
figuring out "the right way" to express and capture the representation/
interaction methods of a platform.  i also have fun puzzling through
security problems.  i love interacting with and talking to developers
(and sometimes find i don't have enough time for it), and i get really
excited when developers find creative and interesting ways to take our
stuff and to use it in ways that we haven't thought about.

what do i wish for the most on the platform?  wouldn't you all like to
know :P  let's say, i'm generally interested in a few themes:
simplicity, scalability (not just our systems, but also in our
expressions and representations), and ubiquity.  you can fill in the
blanks.  and when you do, drop us a line.

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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