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> But that does raise an interesting question - I'm not overly impressed
> with any of the open-source GUI Twitter clients, and I won't run an AIR
> application on my Linux desktop - AIR is a resource hog (and closed). So
> I stick with web-based clients like the Twitter home page, HootSuite or
> CoTweet. Is there any energy out there for a *really good* open source
> Twitter GUI client that would run on Linux, Mac and Windows?

Define "energy." Spaz has been out there and FOSS since mid 2007.
Moving off AIR and doing lots of other good things have been in my
plans for a long time, but open source in no way means people want to
help you.  No one will be even close to your own interest level.

FWIW, I'm leaning towards deploying Spaz as a hosted FOSS web app --
that is, you could use my server, or DL and host it yourself. It would
focus on providing a good experience for touch-based clients
particularly. When that will happen is pretty much dictated by who
else takes interest.

Integrating well with StatusNet's server software seems pretty
appealing right now.

Ed Finkler
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