On 04/09/2010 08:22 PM, funkatron wrote:

> Define "energy." Spaz has been out there and FOSS since mid 2007.
> Moving off AIR and doing lots of other good things have been in my
> plans for a long time, but open source in no way means people want to
> help you.  No one will be even close to your own interest level.

Open source depends on the fact that it is in the interest of major
corporations like IBM, Novell, Oracle, Google, Dell and others to
support it. I quite frankly don't know why some other large corporations
don't join the party - there are just so many wheels you can re-invent
before your bottom line goes to Hell in a hand-basket.

> FWIW, I'm leaning towards deploying Spaz as a hosted FOSS web app --
> that is, you could use my server, or DL and host it yourself. It would
> focus on providing a good experience for touch-based clients
> particularly. When that will happen is pretty much dictated by who
> else takes interest.

I should look at Spaz, I guess, although I'm dead-set against ever
installing AIR again. I loaded one of the AIR-based Twitter desktops - I
don't remember which one - and the process was brutal. The client itself
sucked too, so there was no reason to keep it or AIR.

I'm not sure I'd use a web-based client other than Twitter's at this
point. HootSuite and CoTweet are moving towards being marketing / CRM
add-ons to all the social networks. If that was what I was doing, I'd
simply use SugarCRM (another fine open-source corporate project) with
Twitter and Facebook plug-ins. ;-)

> Integrating well with StatusNet's server software seems pretty
> appealing right now.

Yeah, I keep meaning to look at StatusNet, although I'm not sure when
I'll find the time. They've got a huge wall to climb.

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