I'm curious about this myself. One of the first things end users are
going to ask for is a way to block these ads from their timelines.
Don't kid yourself; there's a reason why AdBlock is such a popular
Firefox plugin.

Secondary question: Is the first step towards paid Twitter accounts,
where free users have to receive ads and paid users do not?  Straight
answers here would be appreciated.

On 13 Apr, 05:28, Tim <fabianh...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I've been looking around for information on how the new "promoted
> tweets" advertising feature will affect the API, and I've not really
> found anything. I gather that it's a two phase approach starting with
> search and then rolling out to timelines, but can anyone here
> clarify:
> (a) whether API responses will include promoted tweets,
> (b) whether these tweets will be identified as ads
> (c) whether third parties are 'obligated' to present them to users
> (d) whether there will be an API Terms of Use as a result

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