Don't be too hasty with that ad blocking code.

1) It sounds as if Twitter will share ad revenue with external apps.

2) It very well might be against (new) API TOS to use the API and
block ads (I would do that if I were them).

On Apr 13, 10:48 am, Duane Roelands <> wrote:
> I'm curious about this myself. One of the first things end users are
> going to ask for is a way to block these ads from their timelines.
> Don't kid yourself; there's a reason why AdBlock is such a popular
> Firefox plugin.
> Secondary question: Is the first step towards paid Twitter accounts,
> where free users have to receive ads and paid users do not?  Straight
> answers here would be appreciated.
> On 13 Apr, 05:28, Tim <> wrote:
> > I've been looking around for information on how the new "promoted
> > tweets" advertising feature will affect the API, and I've not really
> > found anything. I gather that it's a two phase approach starting with
> > search and then rolling out to timelines, but can anyone here
> > clarify:
> > (a) whether API responses will include promoted tweets,
> > (b) whether these tweets will be identified as ads
> > (c) whether third parties are 'obligated' to present them to users
> > (d) whether there will be an API Terms of Use as a result- Hide quoted text 
> > -
> - Show quoted text -

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