Exactly how long does it take to apply and get approved on xAuth?

If I apply xAuth today, am I standing on a queue that is 1,000 long?

I am preparing a Twitter Developer Book. If it takes a few weeks and
few months, I would have to change plan not to count on xAuth. Would
anyone give any feedback?

I also like to confirm that I have tested Objective-C OAuth library on
iPhone. OAuth does take you outside the app to Safari for Twitter
authentication page. I test the work flow at Twitter Annotation
Hackfest this weekend. The Twitter authentication page is not
optimized for iPhone. It is difficult for users to find the section
where user can enter username and password. IMHO I would like to see
at least that page is styled and sized properly for mobile browser
webkit so it looks like part of native app with less word in larger
font size and bigger buttons.

The only way you can customize and style Twitter username/pwd page
would be using xAuth.


On May 31, 9:35 am, Jann Gobble <janngob...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On May 31, 2010, at 9:25 AM, Bernd Stramm wrote:
> > In any case Jann, you have convinced me of something I strongly
> > suspected - I really should get xauth for my application as well.
> If I have convinced one person today, I have done my job.  I am used to that 
> -- what with being a Mac user for decades.  <grin>
> > Be safe,
> You too!
> Jann

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