It's an unfortunate reality, but for every one legitimate application of
DM's, there's 100 projects being posted to rent-a-coder asking for an
"auto DM script" ...

As developers that use the Twtiter API, we're all collateral damage to
the scammers and spammers.  Yes, it sucks, but there's no other real
solution here.

On 2/12/11 3:10 PM, DaveH wrote:
> Dossy:
> Don't be so quick to condemn. I have an app that uses DMs and ALL DM
> traffic is generated by users and they know it--so there is no
> spamming. There are legitimate uses of DMs that users are OK with that
> push an app beyond 250/day.
> Think of it this way, if an application has 300 followers and they all
> interact via private message (DM) one time per day, then 50 users will
> be unable to communicate on any given day.

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