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Indeed, if you figure someone can send a customized DM once per 15
seconds, and an hour at Turk costs you $0.05/hour, you can consume 250
DM's/day in 62.5 minutes - you're talking less than $0.10/day to have
someone send DM's on Twitter for you, personalized by a human ...

If a script off rent-a-coder costs you $100 ... that's 1,000 days worth of Turk-time ... so using a script only breaks even after 2.7 years of use.


Yes, and you can get Twitter accounts created on MTurk as well. It's supposedly a violation of Amazon's TOS but they don't enforce it because they collect per-HIT transaction fees. Dick Costolo and Jeff Bezos need to have a long talk IMHO, backed up by attorneys and possibly the IRS and FTS. ;-)

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