I wish they would just tell the developers to go to hell in a way and let us 
know they hate us instead of doing these back handed attacks on our apps all 
the time. This has very very little to do with privacy. Especially for the 
developer that wants to abuse accounts, this doesn't stop them and serves no 
real purpose. And putting it to the media as we having access to their DM's is 
misguided at best. Users now think we are reading their DM's and have access to 
monitoring their conversations. Which is just crap.

This is all about clients having a large control over the twitterverse and the 
mismanagement of the situation by Twitter execs. Seeing us instead as 
competitors for the same resource. To disguise this as a security issue is 
laughable at best and a bit insulting. You have to realize the benefit Twitter 
is getting to know why they are doing this. It isn't mandatory to break all the 
client apps to make this change, but its convenient for Twitters current attack 
scheme on client apps. 

This will cause mass exodus from 3rd party apps. If you have an app now, you 
are about to face a wave of pissed off people and bad reviews. There is no way 
you can realistically avoid this, and they know that. Thats the real meaning 
for this not because we all wanted it and have been requesting it. No serious 
Dev would want this. Maybe we want some more security options like Facebook has 
but we don't want to ruin our relationship with our customers to get it.

Twitter should hire some people with sense enough to know how to work with 
developers. It is no secret that Twitter is at war with the devs, so just tell 
us yes or no. You want us or you don't. Opening up for developers helped grow 
Twitter, now they don't need us anymore so they want to weed us out because "we 
control too much of their market" again, the same market we all created for 

All this whole thing does is make people weary of client apps with saying we 
can access their DM's and then a whirlwind of confusion and complaints from our 
users will guarantee we loose many many users. Think about the normal person 
that uses tweetdeck. They will load the all, see nothing, and think its broken. 
If they figure out they need to confirm their info again and accept new 
permissions, they will be confused and weary as to why they have to do that. 
There is NO positive outcome for developers or their customers on this. It's a 
shame that we keep getting slammed with these sneaky back door slaps in the 
face disguised as some enhancement for users and more laughable, developers.

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