Cartmetrix, We don't know for sure what will happen. That's kinda the problem. 
My guess is we all prepare now by making our app request rwdm access, then when 
the switch takes effect any token that has been changed with this update will 
then need to be reauthorized. Not effecting us now, but when that change takes 
hold, I imagine all our tokens will be basically unauthorized because its an 
all new permission request, thus forcing each user to accept the new 
authorizations before they can use the app to communicate with the Api. Also I 
spoke unclear earlier about all apps failing. It will only be ones that use DM 
as a feature. Which is basically any client app. I just assume everyone here is 
effected by the DM permission change in some way, so I say all our apps. But 
little Twitter apps that just read and write won't be effected at all. Because 
Twitter isn't afraid of them, just client apps.

Also there is no way Twitter will make themselves do the same thing. Lol that 
would be hilarious. They will in no way form or fashion make all their users go 
through this process. That would be something I would be fine with. If they 
want this change, let them do it also lol. But yeah, there is no way they 
would, because they know exactly what would happen.

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