I noticed this as well.  When I did that, I thought maybe that meant
everyone would be grandfathered in, but from reading this thread I do
not think that is the case.

This also makes it difficult for us to troubleshoot this with our
users since we won't know if they have the old token or the new

On May 19, 7:12 am, Mark Pavlidis <mark.pavli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2. I have changed the permission level for my application. When I view
> the permission onhttps://twitter.com/settings/applicationsis shows
> "read, write, and private message access" despite the fact that I have
> not updated the existing token.  This is misleading to the user.  They
> might think their current token is RWPM but it is really only RW.  I
> understand the complexities in reporting this accurately, but it will
> lead to confusion.

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